Seasons and Memories

I sat in my car at the park. The first snow had caused a vacancy. Only I occupied the place. The beauty of it saddened and delighted me at the same time. So strange to have opposing emotions taking up residency in my soul.

The thing that delighted me was the memories in the park on sunny days when it was full of people.

The time I helped a crew paint the play area made me smile when I thought about the comradery and the good feeling of doing something for the community.

Then there was the evening the praise band from church decided to hold a Wednesday night worship service there in the pavilion. We have a pavilion at our church and have used it often in the summer for this. We always enjoy these times however it was nice to have it in a different location with strangers. People were curious and some swayed and moved to the music as they listened. Cheerleaders practicing in the park took notice of us and it made us smile.

Memories are so wonderful. Do we take them for granted? My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer last year. Sometimes she cries when she realizes she is forgetting. Will I forget too someday? This makes me sad.

Seasons come and go. Memories shouldn’t. They are what connect us to one another.

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