My Thanksgiving

Billy and Charlie

My family celebration took place the Saturday before Thanksgiving Day. One granddaughter works retail and lives three hours from her parent’s home so Thanksgiving Day was not going to work for her. In addition she and my daughter had another family to consider besides ours. That’s what happens when you are partnered up with another. You have to figure out when and where you will celebrate with each family.

So Saturday worked for us. I would drive with my mother and brother a couple of hours west. My oldest granddaughter who is in college drove three hours from the southeastern portion of the state and the middle granddaughter traveled three hours from the eastern side of the state. We have become scattered about. At least we reside in the same state within a reasonable distance.

I assumed that we would have steaks because the girls don’t care for the traditional turkey. It is quite common for us to have steak.

This year my daughter and son-in-law decided to have ham and cheesy potatoes. When I mentioned it to my brother, he said, “What no steak! Well I guess I can eat before I go. I don’t like ham and cheesy potatoes.”

I’m thinking, Great. That’s going to be pleasant. Him not eating while the rest of us chow down. What should I do? I didn’t want to burden my daughter with this. She works and has a lot going on.

I asked her if I could bring anything. She said a dessert would be nice. I asked if it would be okay if I brought a small turkey dinner for about four people explaining that her uncle wouldn’t eat her ham and potatoes. She was fine with that and happy that she didn’t have to prepare it.

I also brought Billy, my toy goat that I had recently receive in the mail. Billy, a gift from my oldest granddaughter had caused quite a stir. He was my very first blog. I thought the family might enjoy seeing him in person. I sat him on the floor and one of my grandkitties took an interest in him. But not for long. He sniffed him and moved on.

My youngest granddaughter went in search of one of the other household cats to see what they thought. She took pictures of Charlie and Billy for me. Charlie tolerated him.

My daughter’s home looked absolutely gorgeous. They have been remodeling and have purchased some new things. I noticed the new built in fireplace and furniture first thing.

They got a new dining room set that accented the rest of the house. Her beautiful China from her wedding rested on the counter. I didn’t notice the two-sided cupboards over the counter were gone until I went to get into one for a bowl. It surprised me. I must have let out a squeal because everyone laughed.

It wasn’t the only surprise. My middle granddaughter was surprised when she found out we weren’t having steak. She was a tiny bit disappointed but she was so happy to be with family she didn’t care.

After dinner, my oldest and youngest granddaughters entertained us singing and acting out some musicals. My middle granddaughter can really sing too. She’s just not into musicals.

In addition to the entertainment, games were played. I didn’t participate because I needed to pay attention to mom and my brother.

I wanted to. I miss spending time with my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughters.

Since mom’s diagnosis of Alzheimer a little over a year ago, my life has changed dramatically. My brother and I are a team taking care of her. I think we do a great job. She is spoiled. The problem is we are nothing alike. The only thing we agree on is taking care of mom.

We have different political views. I’m a believer. He is not. I’m way more social than he is. He has a lot of factual knowledge that he loves to share. I’m usually not interested but do my best to listen. It is hard at times. We get on each other’s nerves and we are forced to spend a lot of time together because of mom. She is too much for either one of us to handle alone.

I am very thankful for all of my family. Do I wish life was a little different? Yes.

I wanted to share my Thanksgiving story because often we see pictures on facebook of families eating wonderful meals together but don’t know any of the details of the day. I love looking at the pictures. Everything looks so perfect. One friend assured me her Thanksgiving was perfect. Mine was nice, however I wouldn’t rate it perfect. There were a few glitches along the way and a bit of sadness.

I say that to say this. If you had a sad day, you are not alone. If you looked at some happy pictures and felt like you were missing out, you don’t know the details of other people’s lives. Life is not perfect. It is a mixture of good and bad. Focus on being thankful for the good things.

One of the things that I am most thankful for is my faith. Sometimes I just wouldn’t be able to get through the day without my constant companion, God. I talk to Him when I wake up, when I lie down at night, and throughout the day.

Be blessed.💜🕊

1 thought on “My Thanksgiving”

  1. All days are not perfect. You’re right, remember the good and pray for the rest. Thank God for the blessings in between to carry us through.


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