The Narrow Path

Personally, I like wide, open spaces. Sometimes I have dreams where I have to squeeze through unbelievably small places. They are more like nightmares because I’m claustrophobic.

I haven’t had one of these nightmares in a while. Maybe because I’ve been feeling the squeeze in my awakened state and I’m adjusting to it.

The more things I do for others, the less time I have for myself. It often feels like a loss of freedom. I squirm and wiggle like a caterpillar trying to get out of its cocoon pondering what things I can say “no” to.

It is hard to say no because I ask God for a lot and He has blessed me greatly. He asks me for a lot in return. I am to give my life to others with a cheerful heart. The cheerful heart part can be a struggle sometimes.

“Change my heart, Lord,” I pray. I don’t have an issue with giving to those I love, like, or have a lot in common with. It is the people who enter my world that don’t suit me. I can justify in my mind the person that is rude or unkind. But just because I can justify it doesn’t give me an excuse to avoid them. I have found that a person is usually not rude or unkind all of the time. And those that are can be sweeten up with a little kindness.

Then, there are others that I can’t find any justification for how I feel except that maybe they are going to infringe on my freedom. Usually it is someone that is less fortunate than me in some way or another. It is the fear of someone becoming dependent on me. My strong need for freedom makes commitments challenging.

I’m thinking that the path to pure love and respect probably is crooked and narrow as Henry David Thoreau suggests. A narrow path keeps us focused like a horse wearing blinders. If you can’t see the dangers then you are less likely to be spooked. In addition, you won’t see things that are libel to tempt you to wander in the wrong direction. There are many distractions on a broad path which makes it easier to get off course. Being focused fosters excellence. I want to be excellent in caring for others.

The path is likely to be crooked because who can stay on the straight and narrow. Especially when it comes to relationships. We are bound to have our ups and downs. Let’s face it, none of us are perfect.

This blog ,the narrow path,came into being while I was researching something else to write about. My first choice was to write about the golden rule and how it sums up the law and the prophets. (Matthew 7:12) NIV

Somehow my research led me to the narrow path which follows the previous passage. Ultimately it is all about love.

Be blessed. 💜🕊

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