The Inside Battle of Patience

My experiences have taught me to hold my tongue and to keep my emotions in check during times of troubles. Often this brings a blessing, something good that’s unexpected.

This month has required more patience than I can ever remember. I bought a new printer back in July. It never seemed right from the beginning. It steadily got worse until it just would not print.

I called the manufacturer because it was still under warranty. In the last few weeks, I have talked to eight to ten different people and spent at least fifteen hours on the phone. Many calls lasted two to three hours as we tried to figure out what was wrong with the printer. All this during the busiest time of the year. With many parties and get togethers to attend and family issues to deal with, I had been stretched pretty thin.

What became interesting through all of this was my awareness of what was going on inside of me in contrast to the external.

Technicians would thank me for my patience continually. They were completely unaware of the battle that was raging on inside of me. My mind was thinking about where I needed to be and what needed to be done as I rubbed my aching neck from sitting so long in front of the computer.

They didn’t know about all the prayers that I was asking God to help me to be kind and patient.

I talked to people from different countries. I would ask them about the weather and different things. I even witnessed to a guy in the Philippines. I thought about the person on the other end of the phone. They were trying their best to help me. I was in extreme discomfort but it wouldn’t have been right to take it out on them.

I could actually sense an internal metamorphosis going on inside me that words can’t describe. I seemed to be gaining strength mentally and emotionally. I became aware of my soul developing in a more positive way.

The manufacturer ended up sending me a new printer. It was suppose to be an easy set up but it wasn’t. It required another two hour call. Eventually we got it to work but not like I wanted it to. The company did everything it could. To go where I wanted it required me to work with my internet provider. I decided to forfeit this for the time being.

So, what good things came to me as I waited. I got a printer that prints. I learned a lot about my computer and technology. I talked to some interesting people. (I could never do their job. I don’t have the patience for it. I can only imagine the abuse they must have to take from frustrated people.)

The best blessing was realizing how strong I am because I have someone who cares for me and is always with me. The journey is always exciting when God is your tour guide and companion.

Be blessed. 💜🕊

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