The word “home” seemed to be popping up everywhere.

At Christmas, I received “A Long Way Home” in a gift game played at a Christmas party. A month later I got around to reading this remarkable story.

The booklet “Home” I found in a restaurant that I hadn’t been in for years. I was visiting family. I had once lived in this area but it was so long ago that I needed my memory refreshed to find the restaurant.

I didn’t think much about the word “home” until I had a couple conversations with loved ones.

Both conversation were about adjusting to a their environments. Both were away from home. A college student living in a dorm three hours away from her family home. Most of her friends lived close to home and left on the weekends. The other was temporarily away from home and apprehensive about returning.

It got me to thinking about the word “home” and I noticed the books I had been reading. Both had the word “home” in the title.

“A Long Way Home” states on the cover that it is a story about a boy’s incredible journey from India to Australia and back again.

Saroo was five years old when he got lost in India and ended up in Australia. Twenty some years later he found his way back home through memory and Google earth.

Saroo ended his story with these words, ” It is sometimes difficult not to imagine some forces at work that are beyond my understanding. While I don’t have any urge to convert that into religious belief, I feel strongly that from my being a little lost boy with no family to becoming a man with two, everything was meant to happen just the way it happened. And I am profoundly humbled by that thought.”

While Saroo chose not to convert his story into a religious belief, his story strength my belief in God. The story was miraculous. I cannot believe that God wasn’t with him on his journey.

I needed this encouragement at this appointed time because I was worried about my loved ones.

It comforted me to realize that they are not physically alone even if they feel like they are. And it reminded me that there is someone way more capable to meet their needs than me.

Home is so much more than a place and the people that you share that space with. While a beautiful home and loving family are a blessing, nothing compares to the love of God.

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