A Moment in Quarantine

May 15, 2020 5a.m.

Splat, splat, splat disturbs my sleep. So loud, the rain drips from my bedroom window where the caulk is broken. The noise annoys me. A constant snap of nature fingers tells me to rise up and tend to the issue.

My bed is so comfy but the constant patter gives me no peace. I’m content with everything except for this one annoyance.

It is too early to start my day. I am summoned. No surprise. This is a constant in my life. Mother Nature or someone often wakes me before dawn. It seems that my presence is requested to join my invisible friend. Normally I enjoy this time.

I often get a lot done. Revelation and wisdom is imparted to me from my friend. It starts my day off with great expectations. These days of quarantine are long. I prefer to sleep.

I move to the couch in the living room. From laying to sitting, I refuse to move. My slider is cracked open and I listen to the rain. Pitter pat. It is soothing unlike the pounding drop in my bedroom. The birds chirp. I smile as I think about all the worms they will be enjoying.

I wish my couch was comfortable to sleep on, but it is not.

Now there is thunder and a distant train runs on a track. Clickety-clack. Why is my hearing so strong? My sight is dim as I write this without my glasses.

Lightening flashes before thunder rolls across the sky. The sun appears to be sleeping as it has not risen yet.

I decide to try to go back to bed. I need a new noise machine.